Meet: Noa Nascimento

Hello everybody! 

My name is Noa. And I currently occupy a very nice position in customer support, 

that I love very much. 

I was born and raised in a small-ish town in the state of São Paulo, called Franca. I grew up with cool parents that always allowed me to express myself, and introduced me to the very best part of Brazilian culture. 

I have a brother, who is just one year younger than me. We grew up side by side and learned about life together over the years, making us very similar to each other. And fun fact, he also works for PartnerHero! 

So, I'm a cat lady! My family and I currently have six cats and two kitties. The best part of having this many cats is the ability to see and understand how unique they are in their own way.

Besides cats, I am passionate about movies, especially horror movies and anime. I also like manga, tattoos, different types of music, and learning about new things through different online platforms. 

Quarantine has been tough for social people like me! So I like to occupy my mind with things that make me happy, like online shopping! 

I’m just kidding. For real now, I've been having a lot of me-time since last year, which made me more self-aware and helped me improve a lot of things within myself. 

Something new that it brought me was the urge to exercise my body, so I started pilates and I no longer see myself without it. 

I love working from home! I noticed that I manage my time a lot better and that I gained a lot of hours in my day, just from cutting out motion time. But the best part for me is being able to work from anywhere.

Working with customer support has been amazing! I get the chance to talk to people from different countries and experience what it is to be in a different place,  just one phone call away. 

Having contact with people on a daily basis adds a lot to my worldwide perspective, making me understand more what it is to be human. 

Cheers to PartnerHero for making the most receptive and warming workspace ever! I feel only gratitude for this company, for allowing me to be myself and supporting us to grow by its side. 

Well, I gotta go feed my cats now. Byeee