Meet: Norem Trayfalgar

I was born in our country's only City of Smiles, Bacolod City. This is the only place where you will find the country's most amazing sweet delicacies and roasted chicken,
we call them Inasal.

By the way, I'm the eldest of three siblings. I'm living with my wonderful family, my wife, four kids, my mom and my niece.

Fun fact about me? Is that I can do four things in the bathroom at the same time. Sit on the throne, watch youtube, brush my teeth and take a bath. Nice huh.

I love to read inspirational books, devotionals and scriptures to give me a start for the day. I love to walk, it gives me time to focus on what needs to be accomplished within the day. Most of all, I love to spend time with my family watching Netflix and play with the kids especially with my two years old pretty baby girl.

I love playing basketball with my friends on weekends. It kinda releases the stress in me. I love to go outdoors and hike some mountains and explore nature at its best.

The partner I work for focuses on building communities and respect for each other. I am also into connecting with people, and building relationships with them. This is why I love Partnerhero. It gives me a chance to be who I am.

To care for others, while we embrace growth together and be humble enough to listen to others, not just yourself and taking ownership in our actions and on what we do.

Goodbye (in tagalo)