Meet: Rhen Salazar


My name is Rhen. Your non-binary person talking about all things diversity.

I am one of the Content Moderation Leads for a program based here in Manila. I was born in the province of Cavite, was raised in Bataan, and now based in the city of Manila.

I believe in the concept of going where it feels right, and so far I am enjoying every second of my adventure. Everybody knows me as a strong and independent person, but the truth is I am afraid of growing old alone.

I am an active counselor in a non profit organization called LoveYourself Incorporated, where we spread awareness about HIV and AIDS, and encourage people to get tested and seek medical treatment.

I like growing my hair to be able to donate it to cancer patients. Rocking a long hairstyle fits my personality and it allows me to share a piece of myself to our brave brothers and sisters battling cancer.

I enjoy my time home snuggling with my cats; Hanan, Mayari, and my youngest kitten Libulan. I got their names from the Philippine mythology gods and goddesses, because they always keep me sane and safe while in the middle of this pandemic.

My aspiration in life is simple. I enjoy what I do in PartnerHero because it is aligned with my personal values as a person; making this planet a more habitable one for everyone.

And with the partner I am supporting, we keep the internet safe for the LGTBQ community.

I hope you got to know a little bit more about me, and I cannot wait to have in person coffee sessions with all of you.

For now, wash your hands, mask up, and keep yourself and your family safe.