May 26, 2022

Meet Rod Mourant, PartnerHero's New Global Controller

Meet Rod Mourant, PartnerHero's New Global Controller

Headshot of Rod Mourant, PartnerHero Global Controller

We’re excited to introduce Rod Mourant, our globetrotting, outdoor loving new Global Controller. But what exactly does a Controller do? Read on to find out.

Tell us about your career - where have you been and what led you to PartnerHero?

After graduating from Gonzaga University with a degree in Accounting, I went to work for PricewaterhouseCoopers as an auditor. I next transitioned into the Controller position for a new ski and golf resort in the mountains of Idaho. I love to ski, so the benefits were great! I spent the past 10+ years as a Plant Controller for Kraft Heinz (best ketchup in the world!). I found PartnerHero because I was ready for new and more interesting challenges!

What attracted you to PartnerHero? Why did you choose to join the team?

The first thing I noticed about PartnerHero were the Core Values. They are values that are too often overlooked in the corporate world. I especially relate to the values of Manifest Trust and Care for Others. I believe with these values there is no limit to what we can achieve!  

Global Controller is a role that not a lot of people understand. What exactly does a Global Controller do?

As Global Controller, I lead the accounting team at PartnerHero, which is spread around the world. I also support our Management Team by providing accurate financial data so that they can make informed decisions.  

In general, Controllers are accountable for the accounting operations of a company. I maintain our accounting records, produce financial reports, and keep a close eye on the PartnerHero’s financial health.

Tell us about a mentor you’ve had in your career. Who is someone you’ve looked up to who has helped you get to where you are today?

I have been fortunate to have several mentors throughout my career. One that was most influential was especially good at providing feedback. They recognized where I was succeeding and opportunities for improvement. Honest feedback can be humbling, but it is a powerful tool for personal growth.

What are some things you like to do outside of work?

I grew up in Alaska and have always loved backpacking and fishing.  But my favorite thing is to travel! I have been fortunate enough to have many adventures with my kids and my boyfriend. The pandemic did slow us down a bit, but we’ve managed to visit Yellowstone National Park, Hawaii, and Iceland in the last year!