Meet: Ryan Berk

I'm Ryan Berk, PartnerHero as Chief Strategy Officer and I'm based in Denver, Colorado.

As the Chief Strategy Officer I'm focused on building and leading world class finance, corporate development and innovation organizations. I'll be working across the organization to add a strategy line to our operations and to help the entire team continue to innovate on new ideas and business models.

I'm most excited to lean into our core cultural value of take ownership. PartnerHero has incredible people. And I'm excited to work in a culture that values and rewards growth and ownership mentality.

Outside of work. I love spending time with my family, running, biking, skiing and anything outdoors, reading and learning and seeing as much live music as I can. My favorite fun fact about me is that I had a sandwich named after me at the Deli, New York. The Berk's sandwich.

Welcome to the team. I'm excited to be working together.