Meet: Stephanie Sorto

For the people who don't know me, I only have one sister. And yes, I'm the oldest, even though it doesn't look like it.

I consider myself an introvert, however, I like being able to help other people whenever I have the chance, and being there for them when they need someone with a hug or just hanging around and going out for coffee.

I am a plant lover. More specifically, cacti and succulents. At some point, I had around nine plants at the hub. Other things I like to do are listening to music, watching TV shows, even though I never get to finish them, hanging out with my family, friends and my dog, and going out to cafés, because, coffee is life!

I'm currently studying Psychology and my one true goal is specializing in Clinical Psychology in my dream country, Germany. At the moment, I’m learning German, so I'm already halfway through to achieving my goal.

Wenn du nur Bahnhof verstanden hast, oder einfach mit jemandem dein Deutsch üben willst, bitte sag mir!

Wenn du mit jemandem dein Deutsch uben willst, bitte sag mir

At PartnerHero, I've had the opportunity to help customers with whatever issues they have as well as many of my coworkers who I can now call friends.

And hey! If you think about it, watering plants is just like taking care of people.
See you!