Meet: Steven Melendez

Hi, my name is Steven. I'm 28 years old, working as a support hero and currently living in Boise!

Before Boise, I spent the last 6 years traveling and performing my music. Spending 3 years living out of Brooklyn, New York, touring Western Europe and visiting as many cities in the  states as possible.

Originally, I'm from the sleepy Sierra foothill town of Nevada City, located in Northern California.

Prior to my music career my love for the arts started to blossom when I opened a small town cafe called "Rhythms", where we would host and showcase local talent.

Traveling and experiencing new cultures, food, and music is my passion. Some of my favorite memories in life come from visiting new places and creating lasting relationships abroad. When I'm not in the move I simply love spending time with my friends and family, playing board games, going on local adventures and camping.

I've only lived in Boise for about one year and I'm really beginning to love my new home. There's a ton of natural beauty and every day seems to be a new discovery.

On my downtime, I still work on my music and I'm always looking for new ways to continue to the arts. Most recently, I will begin voice acting for an upcoming indie video game, which will be a new and exciting outlet I have yet to explore.

I feel lucky to have found PartnerHero. The community and culture here have only accelerated my excitement to meet new people and try new things.

I hope I have the opportunity to visit all of our offices and meet the incredible people that make PartnerHero such an amazing company.