Meet: Tracy Ward

Hi! I'm Tracy Ward.

I'm the chief people officer with PartnerHero. And right now I'm filming in Honduras. I grew up in a small farm town called Rich Square, North Carolina, with my parents and my one sister. One thing that many people don't know about me is that I'm a certified financial personal coach. I really enjoy teaching people about financial literacy and helping them enhance their lives through financial wellness.

One of my hobbies is traveling, going to the beaches in the Caribbean is my therapy. I enjoy the water. I like relaxing. And, you know, I'm an extrovert,but I find my solace in spending time on the beach just rejuvenating and enjoying nature, also.

One of my passions is just in helping people and giving back to the community. And I'm also a board member with Equality North Carolina, where we're creating opportunities and helping to ensure policies that are fair and nondiscriminatory for the LGBT community.

In addition to traveling, I also enjoy reading. One of my favorite artists is Brené Brown. Gifts of Imperfection, and Michael A. Singer is another one of my favorite artists. His book, The Untethered Soul, really helped change my life in 2014. I'm pretty adventurous, also. I like to parasail, ride ATVs. I once wanted to get a motorcycle, but I backed off of that one.

I'm a natural born leader, so working here at PartnerHero and getting to partner with amazing thought leaders to help develop the strategy and the vision for the organization and to grow and provide more opportunities for our associates, just falls right in line with who I am and what I do.

Okay, it's been fun. You know, I love traveling, so I've got to get back to seeing the beauty of this country.