Meet: Wataru Meguro


I’m Wataru Meguro, and I'm thirty four years old. Currently working as an SQA engineer for Udemy. I’m from Japan and currently living in Fukushima, the northeast of the main island.

I joined PH back in 2016. My passion is to learn programming, also re-learning math and science.

During the quarantine, I spent a great deal more time playing online games. Since it became more difficult  to meet my friends, we started to communicate virtually. I play Apex Legend, Among Us, and Monster Hunter.

Also, I experienced a significant increase in my body fat percentage. I’m concerned about the long-term health effects, so I started exploring indoor exercise options.

I’m working on the MST time zone, so I work out my daytime schedule to make sure I can get enough sleep before I work. There are many things that I like about my job. It matches my interest in technology, I really enjoy being part of the software development, and my coworkers are nice people.

I still have a lot to learn, I’m trying to be perfect for my position.

It’s been an unsettling time for us, for multiple reasons. 

Please take good care of yourself. And feel free to reach me if you need an extra gaming buddy.