Mother's Day in the age of COVID

Practicing physical distancing has turned into the new normal so that brunch you had planned will likely be replaced by a FaceTime call. And gifts? They’ll have to be delivered, but probably not by you (which might take a bit of time to get there).

Luckily, there are still plenty of ways that can still make this Mother’s Day a memorable one.

Here are some ideas to help you accomplish just that:

Organize a family Zoom session

So, you’re not in the same house, state, or country? Not a problem. Organize a Zoom call with your whole family. You could spend an hour chatting or even have some lunch together. If that seems more like a scheduling nightmare, then do something simple, like having a “present-opening” call where your mom can open her cards and gifts, and you’ll still get to see the smile they put on her face.

Virtual tours

Remember promising that you’d take your mom to the Louvre in Paris? Well, several places have created virtual tours during the pandemic. Conde Naste Traveler has even posted a list of virtual entertainments.

Send a card or flowers through a delivery service

Most families can’t get together in one place. This has forced companies to be more responsive to the needs of these customers and have started offering delivery services along with a wide range of different gift ideas for mom.  

Celebrate a different nation’s Mother’s Day

“Do not cancel, reschedule” has become every industry motto during the quarantine. So, we might as well benefit from it. For example, not every country in the world celebrates Mother’s Day on the same day - Argentina’s & Panama celebrate their Mother’s Days on the third Sunday in October and on December 8th, respectively.  Perhaps adopting one or both of their dates might give your mom a Mother’s Day she can look forward to.

Even though we have no idea when this is all going to end, one thing is still certain, we all love our moms and want nothing more than to see them smile.

Happy Mother’s Day