Welcome New Partners, Winter 2023

This quarter we welcomed many new partners across several verticals. From SaaS to text message marketing and productivity apps to internet providers, winter saw a ton of expansion across PartnerHero’s programs.

Two of the partners we are super excited about are Cuyana and Kavee. While at first glance these businesses seem very different—Cuyana makes beautiful clothing and accessories, and Kavee makes goods for pet rabbits and guinea pigs—at their core, they are both committed to creating carefully designed, beautiful, sustainable products and experiences.

Sustainability is deeply rooted in PartnerHero’s culture, and we love to work with partners that feel aligned with us in business. We couldn’t be happier to help these two businesses, and the many more that came on this winter, create exceptional customer experiences.


About Cuyana

Cuyana is a medium-sized retail business specializing in long-lasting, global responsibility, and sustainable fashion. Their business is built on the idea that you can keep beautiful, well-made staples as the majority of your wardrobe and do better for the planet and yourself. Along with regular fashion essentials, such as sweaters and pants, they release regular specialty updates, like dresses or jewelry, to add fresh pops to your wardrobe.

As Cuyana tells us: “We believe time is the new luxury. ‘Fewer, better’ celebrates a style of life valuing a simpler, smarter way. Designed with longevity and made responsibly, each piece is made for everyday ease so that you love what you wear.”

Why PartnerHero?

Cuyana was looking for a BPO partner that was passionate about small businesses and  believed in caring about their customers as individuals as deeply as their own retail and internal customer experience teams did. They saw a reflection of their own approach to business in PartnerHero’s values.  “Your values of quality and exceptional staff fit our values of quality and exceptional products,” Cuyana tells us. They were also impressed and excited about our ability to scale with the seasonal nature of retail businesses.

We are so happy to be working closely with this great business doing great things for the sustainability of fashion.


About Kavee

Kavee has been making guinea pigs and rabbits happy since 2017. They have a lovely team of small animal experts that always work hard to bring real solutions to animal parents, so their pets can live better lives. At Kavee’s core, they are all about animal welfare, which shows in their carefully designed and manufactured pet accessories.

Why PartnerHero?

With their continued success, Kavee recognized that soon they would have to change their customer support practices to keep up—after all, to provide an excellent customer experience, you need to evaluate what your customers need regularly. As they assessed BPO partners, PartnerHero stood out as a business that could scale with them as their business needs changed.

We are so excited to continue to work with this great business and help animal lovers provide the best, coziest spaces possible for their little friends.

Learn more about PartnerHero

It’s always so great to see new partners with solid missions succeeding. We’re overjoyed that the growth of both Cuyana and Kavee led them to PartnerHero.

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