Outsourcing solutions for startups in the age of COVID

While some businesses are struggling, others are seeing major spikes in demand for their products and services — with a corresponding increase in support tickets from customers.

From online education (EdTech) to eCommerce and online delivery services, some of the sectors we serve are seeing a big COVID-related spike. In response, PartnerHero is offering flexible options to help our partners manage the influx.

Read more below and contact us if you’re interested in a custom outsourcing solution.

Remote Temps // For Big Teams and Big Spikes

Given the uncertainty, the most common way we’re supporting partners right now is with Temporary Associates (agents on 1 to 3 month contracts, with the option to extend).

We often use Temps to cover planned seasonal spikes but now, our partners’ 2020 volume projections are out the window, replaced by a giant “aseasonal” spike with an unknowable trajectory. We’re waiving all of our added fees for temp roles now to make adoption easier.

PartnerHero has always had a large remote workforce, so it’s been relatively simple for us to move all of our operations remote. Our Remote Temps can be quickly onboarded into our partner’s existing customer tools and workflows and hit the ground running with streamlined product training.

Remote Temps have built in flexibility: If demand levels off, our partners can downsize and we’ll find another program for the associates — but they always have to the option to keep high-performing temps long-term if all goes well and your customers stick around even after the world returns to its new normal.

Shared Teams // For Small Teams with Big Dreams

We also introduced a service called Shared Teams this year for partners that have low ticket volume but want to be able to offer 24/5 or 24/7 support to their customers.

Most PartnerHero associated are “dedicated,” meaning they work on a single program. Shared Teams allows several partners to utilize the same pool of experienced CX representatives to keep an eye on their ticket queues and answer chats and calls whenever they come in.

Use Case #1: Expanding Support Hours
If you already have someone covering your support channels during the day, you can use Shared Teams to add flexible coverage overnight and weekends.

Use Case #2: Going from Zero to 24/7
You can lean on Shared Teams to offer customers 24/7 support even if you don’t have any dedicated CX staff currently. We’ll help you develop a training plan and in no time, you’ll have seasoned support professionals engaging your customers whenever you need them.

Use Case #3: Mixing, Matching, Flexing
You can modify coverage at any time and even roll one of your Shared Team associates into a dedicated associate (full-time, working exclusively for you) during the hours when you need extra help.

You can mix and match dedicated and shares associates dynamically to fit the rapidly changing conditions of the world around us. We flex and grow alongside your business.

(More on that below…)

Dedicated Teams // A Foundation for Growth

PartnerHero’s specialty has always been custom dedicated teams — a group of hand-selected heroes, working full-time for your startup, that you and your customers will fall in love with.

We have hubs full of heroes in the USA, Brazil, Honduras, Germany, Romania, the Philippines and (permanently) remote agents in 17 different countries around the world.

Our hybrid staffing model (hybrid + remote) allowed us to transition seamlessly into fully remote operations early in the COVID outbreak and we’re continuing to support existing and new partners for the duration.

Contact us if you’re interested in enrolling temporary, shared, or full-time dedicated professionals to help your company thrive during this challenging time.