Rebranding PartnerHero

The problem we faced was this: PartnerHero is a dynamic, modern, global company that does outsourcing for startups.

Unfortunately, its logo (developed when the company was founded in 2014) was already feeling flat, static, dated, and basic — in no way a fair representation of the amazing people who work there:

Beyond the logo, the company’s website was not keeping pace with the innovation happening elsewhere in the company and didn’t do a good job telling the company story:

So, I set out to give PH a fresh start.

I didn’t scrap everything. I actually loved the concept behind the original logo: a “P” and an “H” in the form of two figures, which represent the bond between the company’s partners and the “heroes” who support them:

In addition, the CEO made it clear that he was still emotionally attached to orange. Thankfully, I think that orange does a great job of representing the warmth of the brand.

But we needed more than orange and dark blue (almost Halloween colors to the American startups that represent most of PH’s partners).

PartnerHero places a huge emphasis on values and culture, so as we started to round out the color palette, we started by pulling keywords from the company’s culture surveys:

We then settled on a palette that combined warm, cool, and neutral tones that compliment each other nicely, and tell a well-rounded story:

PartnerHero is warm, reliable, modern, and versatile.

To play up the human touch even more, I incorporated an Eastern brushstroke style that adds an organic feel to PartnerHero’s materials.

And I wanted to use the same style to redesign the logo. I went through dozens of iterations, trying to distill the logo down to its essential elements.

Finally, I found a way to recreate the logo using only 3 brushstrokes:

I kept the P and the H as well as the two figures with interlocked and open arms. The lines give the two figures a masculine and feminine look respectively — a celebration of diversity (compared to the previous logo, which conveyed anonymity).

Once we chose the final palette and logo, the whole creative team went to work rebuilding the website, presentation materials, company swag, and more.

And of course, a rebrand wouldn’t be complete without a great new tagline that tells the world what we’re all about.

PartnerHero provides high quality global outsourcing solutions for startups and places a huge emphasis on hiring great people and developing them professionally. To summarize this, the CEO came up with this tagline:

This project came together in a matter of months and it was a thrilling collaboration. Feel free to check out the new website to see more of the rebrand in action.

Thanks for reading!

Luiz Aro