Why we acquired SupportOps

What does SupportOps do?

SupportOps is a leading provider of CRM implementation, customization, and administration services that have helped many of the world's most recognizable brands improve their customer operations. As a Zendesk Advanced Implementation Partner, SupportOps has implemented, optimized, or developed custom automation workflows and themes for Zendesk for more than a hundred companies.

As we got to know SupportOps’ founder Hosam Hassan over the past few months, we quickly understood that he shares the same passion for CX and commitment to quality that drives us at PartnerHero. Like us, Hosam and his team care first and foremost about helping their customers deliver better CX experiences. Like PartnerHero, SupportOps customers see them as true thought partners. That’s why SupportOps has a perfect five-star rating in the Zendesk marketplace!

Just look at some of these customer reviews:

  • “Hosam is the kind of person you want to work with over and over again. He totally gets it and will make your Zendesk configuration and management so easy for you.”
  • “Hosam helped create a much more usable platform for our team. Our overwhelming ticket count has decreased by the hundreds.”
  • “Hosam was able to refine and streamline our Zendesk in a way that has made the process of dealing with our incoming emails a lot easier. Fast response time and willingness to learn our business so we could find what works for us.”
  • “Hosam and his team have been instrumental in helping me optimize our current Zendesk environment and overhaul our SLAs and Explore dashboards. He has a gift for suggesting ... really impactful workflow changes to make the team more efficient.”
  • “Our Customer Support is much better now thanks to Hosam! Thank you so much!”

What does this add to PartnerHero?

From automating workflows to building more robust tiering systems to better organizing customer-facing knowledge bases, there’s a lot to think about when selecting, setting up, and optimizing your CX tech stack. 

Having the right software is only half the equation. If poorly implemented or not optimized, your software might work against you rather than for you. 

That’s why we’re super excited to welcome SupportOps—they’re CRM implementation and optimization experts. They know how to make sure tools deliver value instead of headaches. 

SupportOps’ services are now available to new and existing partners, allowing us to suggest process and tooling improvements and confidently build and deploy them! 

What does the future hold?

SupportOps is the most highly rated Zendesk Implementation Partner, and we’re excited to be able to offer Zendesk CRM automation and development services, but it doesn’t stop there! We have plans to continue to expand the services available under the SupportOps brand to include additional help desks, pre-built themes, and ongoing CRM administration services.

Read more in our press release.