The do’s of quality assurance

Back in the day (when technology was not SO intrinsically entwined with our day to day tasks), business reports were made using spreadsheets.

This is still the case in some scenarios, as it’s cheap, easy to understand, and easy to put together, and so on, but if you’re like me, every time I build a new report from scratch, I wonder if there’s an app doing this already! Most of the time, the answer is 100% YES!

This is absolutely the case when it comes to Quality Assurance! With so many integrations available, we now have to gather and compare the ones that offer us the most beneficial outcome. In this context, let’s find out the perks of having a cloud-based program doing your QA.

Here's how replacing spreadsheets will save you time and money:

Create and update records in real-time

Every record and evaluation will be updated instantly and automatically. This will help your team be more efficient and avoid double work.

Controlled sharing of data

You’ll be able to choose who on your team needs access to run reports, add new evaluations, edit information, etc.

Save money

The most significant benefit of using cloud-based software over spreadsheets is in fact that it will save you money in the long run.

Doing QA without leaving your CRM tool

Thanks to the capability of cloud-based technologies integrating well with one another, you can manage your customer relationships and your service quality with one combined system. Here are the benefits of using CRM and QA software in conjunction.

  • Saving time and money are two very important benefits of using CRM and QA software in conjunction.
  • Control your data. Integrating a QA system that works with your CRM means being able to customize the data you collect and what you do with it. With options available at the click of a button or the drop of a menu, today’s QA software is highly moldable to the evolving needs and priorities of your team.
  • Continuous feedback. QA software that is integrated right within your CRM system means agents can see their KPI specs in real-time at any given moment. It also means that management can monitor, give feedback, and coach on an ongoing basis.

How to improve customer satisfaction with a QA management program?

Implementing quality assurance practices in your support environment will enable you to enhance the quality of customer interactions, ensure customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and optimize performance.

Some benefits of a QA program are:

  • Collect information on agent performance: This will be tremendously helpful in identifying feedback opportunities and improving the skills of your team.
  • Process efficiency: Learning how satisfied your customers are with your service or product will enable you to change and adapt procedures to increase efficiency.
  • Stay on top of KPIs: Measuring metrics will help you have a baseline against industry standards and this will help you identify where you stand in terms of customer experience.

In this context, Quality Assurance is an integral part of every company that needs to be developed and cared for in order to grow, foster and develop an absolute world-class customer experience.