These are a few of our favorite things

PartnerHero’s community is a very diverse and talented one. Not only do we speak 10+ languages, are located on 6 continents, have different backgrounds and career paths, but we also share a common ground regarding our skills and abilities. From digital art, video editing, music, embroidery, photography or painting, our Heroes do it all!

You can check out how we choose to spend our time when we're not supporting customers, designing websites and products or managing content here.

Digital Art

Art by Bruna
Art by Mafer
Art by Juan.

Art by Adri.

I've always been in love with art since I was very young. I'm more attracted to digital art because of the accessibility of resources. I really love traditional art as well, but I feel limited when it comes to my actions. In the digital world, I have no limits and I can get as far as my creativity can take me. - Bruna


From left to right, photos by: Maddie, Whitney and Carlos

Drawing & Painting

From left to right, top to bottom, paintings by Evelyn, Marielos, Jose, Carolina & Gabriel.

Craft and painting take me to another level. They bring me peace and good memories. - Carolina


From left to right, crafts by: Clara, Cinthya & Luis