Welcome New Partners

Melio Payments

Melio Payments is the simplest way to pay vendors and contractors online, helping small businesses save time and improve cash flow.  With Melio, businesses can pay any invoice with a bank transfer for free or use a credit card to defer payment and earn rewards. Their payment workflow is so simple it allows business owners to focus on their customers instead of their backoffice.

With Melio’s enormous growth, they found they needed more support for their phone channel as quickly as possible. Beyond looking for that immediate support they were looking for a partner who could grow with them overtime and assist customers on additional channels as they laid out their 20201 plans.

Ingrid Olson, Melio’s Director of CX chose PartnerHero for a few reasons. The flexibility to start with a smaller team was a big draw, other companies she looked at required a much bigger and longer commitment which she was not ready to make. PartnerHero’s reputation played a big role in her decision - she had heard great reviews about PartnerHero from other companies. On top of that she felt that PartnerHero genuinely cared about her team, “Although my project was small, I felt I was given the same level of attention and care as someone needing far more resources and that care continues.”

At the end of the day the thing that matters most for Ingrid is results, “We are a customer-centric company with a world class customer support team and our customers and business partners have come to expect a high level of service. From the time my PartnerHero team onboarded, I knew my customers would receive a seamless experience from a professional, engaged team.”

From the time my PartnerHero team onboarded, I knew my customers would receive a seamless experience from a professional, engaged team.”

We’re thrilled to help Melio with their mission to save business owners time and improve their cash flow. Welcome to the team!


Backstage has been the number one resource for performers to find work while helping talent-seekers move their projects forward for over 60 years. Backstage started as a magazine and has evolved their business over time. Today, their online platform helps over 100,000 performers and talent seekers find each other so the rest of us can enjoy phenomenal movies, TV shows, theater productions, and branded-content. In addition to matching talent, Backstage builds tools, resources and community to help performers thrive.

As more and more actors, models, performers, voiceover artists, filmmakers, content-creators, and brands join their community, Backstage needed to add additional customer success representatives to their team across more days, hours, and locations to better serve their audience. They chose PartnerHero because of our consultative approach and ability to source experienced, highly skilled, friendly, multilingual representatives across a variety of locations that could become a fully integrated part of their global team.

We’re so glad they chose PartnerHero to help!

BIOHM Health

BIOHM’s mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their health through solutions that harness the power of microbiome data. BIOHM develops breakthrough products to address the critical roles of bacteria and fungi in gut health and offers a simple testing kit so you can begin to understand your gut health. BIOHM's unrelenting focus on science, customer experience and quality is the reason thousands trust their recommendations and products.

The support function at BIOHM has always been a small but mighty team. As they expanded their product line from offering just Probiotics to all things gut-health centric, they have increased their customer base and saw an upsurge in demand throughout  2020. With that growth, they needed assistance maintaining their high service standards and were looking to find additional customer support associates for both phone and email support.

PartnerHero came highly recommended to BIOHM in late 2020 from a colleague who had a great past experience with PartnerHero at a previous company. What made PartnerHero stand out is our commitment not only to the success of the employees we match with BIOHM but also our commitment to the success of BIOHM as a business. Danielle Filip, BIOHM’s Customer Service Lead put it like this, “I’ve always felt that PartnerHero has our new team members' best interest in mind, as well as BIOHM as a brand. We also chose PartnerHero knowing they could provide us with additional assistance in the future, as our business continues to grow and expand.”