Welcome New Partners Fall 2021 Edition

Every quarter we welcome a batch of new partners to our community and this fall is no different. Our sales and marketing team is focused on finding partners that align with our values and that we know our associates will be excited to work for. This past quarter we welcomed many new partners who fit this bill exactly. Below we profile two of them and learn more about the challenges they face as their businesses scale and why they chose to work with PartnerHero. 


GOTRAX’s mission is to change the future of commuting by making products that are environmentally friendly and an effective alternative to traditional transportation and to inspire riders everywhere to experience and join the electric vehicle revolution. Since their founding in 2017 they have sold over one million electric bikes and scooters. 

GOTRAX has been in hyper growth mode and to maintain a high quality customer experience they needed to expand their support team. According to Jeff Lawrence, Marketing Director at GOTRAX, they were having trouble, “finding enough qualified people to do the job and retaining customer service agents, especially throughout the pandemic. Our main challenges were that we needed a large, reliable team, and fast. Our products are pretty technical so it can be a challenge getting new CSR's up to speed.”

GOTRAX looked at a number of outsourcing companies before choosing PartnerHero. “We priced out several companies that offered the services we were looking for and PartnerHero not only had a good track record but also very competitive pricing. Now that we’ve been signed up with PartnerHero for almost two months we are really happy with the service, both the support and technical skills of the team managers.” 

We’re so excited to join GOTRAX in their mission to change the future of transportation! 


Feeld is the first dating app for couples and singles. Pioneers in enabling couples and singles to explore dating together, they are on a mission to open up the future of human connection through normalizing sexual desire. 

Feeld has been experiencing rapid growth and needed to grow their support team. According to Emilio Morales, Head of Customer Experience at Feeld, they were also looking to offer coverage outside their core team’s normal working hours to match their focus on the US market. “We faced several challenges stemming from being a small team in charge of the company's customer experience operations, such as not having the bandwidth to audit and improve our operations, not having the capacity to be 'bolder' and experiment with the support that we provide, and not being able to implement success metrics and a quality assurance process that could help us improve the service we provide.”

Feeld researched many BPOs and looked into PartnerHero on the recommendation of a colleague who had worked with PartnerHero in a past role. “We chose PartnerHero because they are ethically aligned with Feeld’s values. Being a mission-driven company, it's very important for us to choose partners that uphold similar values to ours. Besides discussing operations, as part of our due diligence, we read PartnerHero's Glassdoor reviews – which were overwhelmingly positive – and PartnerHero's commitments to making a positive impact in the places where they're present.”

Feeld onboarded with PartnerHero a few months ago and are already feeling the boost in their operations. “Working with PartnerHero has helped us to scale our team in a short period of time, offer 24/7 support to our customers, address our backlog, and also enable our core team to focus on providing proactive support to our users.”

We’re glad to be supporting Feeld’s hypergrowth and geographic expansion!