Welcome New Partners, Summer Edition


YouCanBook.Me is an online scheduling tool that helps tens of thousands of people and businesses book meetings everyday all around the world.  YouCanBook.Me has processed over 70 million bookings since they started 10 years ago. At the end of 2020 they decided to expand their team and grow their customer base and, as a result, needed to grow the support team to meet customer demand. Support Team Lead of YouCanBook.Me, Ben Dlugiewicz, said, “in the past we directly hired support agents, but since we are a small company career progression is limited. Working with a BPO/outsourcer will allow us to keep expanding the team as we continue to grow, while allowing the agents that work with us the opportunity to grow within PartnerHero.”

The two biggest reasons that YouCanBook.Me chose PartnerHero were the professionalism and the company culture. Ben said, “throughout the process there were detailed documents and during our discussions it was clear that PartnerHero is expert in what they do, having helped so many companies navigate outsourcing and scale successfully. Also the more we learned about PartnerHero’s culture and how employees are treated, everything aligned perfectly with our own culture. During training I asked Alex, Jesser and Marvin (our new PartnerHero associates) about life at PartnerHero and it was exactly as Darnell and Alana described during the sales process. PartnerHero truly cares for its team members and it shows in the way that they approach everything.”

SmartMoving Software

SmartMoving Software is the CRM for moving companies, allowing the owners of moving companies to maximize efficiency and productivity across their business. SmartMoving is growing quickly and came to PartnerHero with a specific goal in mind: to separate the responsibilities of Customer Success and Customer Support teams so that the Success Team could focus on getting new customers set up to their full potential. Tobe Thompson, Founder and CEO of SmartMoving said, “our company is growing rapidly and our customer success team was still answering all of our support emails and chats in addition to their other duties.  It was time for us to split out our customer success team and support team, so we needed to hire for this new group.”

SmartMoving was having trouble finding quality support agents in the US so investigated outsourcing options. Tobe says, “I found PartnerHero during my research and after contacting them and also contacting the references they provided (and getting great feedback) we decided to move forward.”


Bungalow has streamlined the experience of finding and living with roommates. Using their service, renters can find beautiful living spaces and roommates who share their interests for 30% less than studio apartments in the same neighborhood. In order to help renters find great homes and streamline the process of renting, Bungalow also works with homeowners and landlords to find tenants and manage all the hard parts of being a landlord. As Bungalow expands the number of properties managed they needed to scale their support team to continue to provide the best possible customer experience. To do that, according to Bryan Connolly, Bungalow Director of Operations, said they were looking for a partner that was, “versatile, talented and scalable.”

Bungalow chose to work with PartnerHero for three specific reasons, according to Connolly.   “First, PartnerHero's focus on customer-facing talent and the dedication to their people in those roles. Second, PartnerHero's demonstrated ability to scale quickly across a multitude of roles and functions. As a start-up, that is an important factor that we needed. Lastly, PartnerHero's general understanding of the start-up landscape and ability to work with Bungalow through changes or obstacles and come up with solutions.”

We at PartnerHero are thrilled to welcome this new batch of partners to our community and look forward to continuing to support their growth.