Meet: Amec Velasquez

I'm Amec, a Web Designer for BentoBox at the Tegucigalpa Hub. I'm 29 years old and I've been at PartnerHero for about a year now.

I live in Valle de Angeles, a town about 40 minutes from Tegucigalpa, with my parents, sister and dogs. I love coffee, technology, and dad jokes. I started computer engineering in college, but fell into a job as a web developer with a start-up and that’s been more my thing since then.

These are some of the highlights of my life before PartnerHero: Before moving to Valle de Angeles, I grew up in the Island of Roatan (the beach is my absolute favorite place to be).

In 2013, I got the opportunity to spend some time in europe. I lived in Denmark for 18 months, working as an assistant dean at a boarding school. I loved it there, I got to travel, meet lots of people and have a ton of awesome experiences.

When I came back to Honduras, I worked with a Honduran fashion brand managing their website and online store; I also worked part time with an online coffee publication for a few months translating articles from english to spanish, and helping with social media and photos.

I’ve always loved helping people, which is why I loved working with kids in Europe. I love that Caring for Others is one of our core values here at PH. If there is ever anything you need hit me up! I’ll be happy to help with what I can.