Meet: Christian Tolentino

I enjoy having long drives with friends. I’m also a certified freediver and can reach a depth of 77 feet (23.5 meters).

But when I’m indoors, I like recording myself singing, editing underwater music videos, and occasionally watching Netflix.

Every time I find positive benefits from the things I enjoy doing, I share it with my friends, colleagues, or anyone in my community who needs it.

While staying home, I found myself eager and more patient in learning how to play guitar. I’ve also mixed vocal with instrumental audio in Bandlab. It was a challenge for me to work from home simply because I see it as a place to rest and recover. But, I made sure I was ready to keep my creativity and productivity.

The virtual workout session was a good replacement for my daily run to the office. I’ve also set alarms to remind me of my break schedules. I believe taking a break provides a healthy reset.  And, to boost a healthy mood I listen to upbeat songs, get out for sunlight, watch funny videos, and make verbal conversations with people, virtually or physically while socially distant.

I am thankful for my role here in Partnerhero. It helps me to exercise my inspirational qualities as an INFJ. I always seek purpose (in what I do) and I offer its benefits to bring about positive change.

This current time is asking us to keep our senses active.  Know when you or someone else already needs support. Stay connected, offer, or even ask for help. Remember that we’re one community and we need each other’s support.