Meet: Dennis Chiang

I’m a very hands-on person. From building my own computer from scratch to creating my own dashboards. I think this gives me a more personal connection to my work I’m a big fan of video games. Especially the ones with a good story.

I’ve always liked how effectively they can deliver a compelling narrative without the typical constraints of other mediums, keeping you immersed throughout since you’re in control I also like to spend time with my family and my girlfriend who, fun fact, is a huge metalhead and actually part of a dark metal band which is completely opposite to my music taste, so you can imagine me looking like this: or this

I’m joking, of course… kinda.

Just like a lot of you, my beginnings were as an associate so I’m often asked how I got to where I am - and there really is no breakthrough story or secret ingredient. At the end of the day, I’m just a guy like you.

I was lucky enough to have a manager who saw through my hard work and provided me with enough support to be where I am — so Amy, in case I haven’t said it before, thank you

My main goal as a manager is giving my teams all the tools that they need to achieve their goals because seeing them succeed is one of the most fulfilling things a manager can accomplish.