Meet: María Rivera

I was born in Santa Barbara but moved to San Pedro Sula one year later and I’ve been here ever since. I have ten sisters and two brothers. I’m one of the eldest, so I know a lot about sharing and telling people what to do.

I am an introvert and I have developed a “let’s go for it” mentality. I try to stay as far away from my comfort zone, so I’m always trying new things to keep me from falling back into old habits. Developing this mindset wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but with practice, I’ve been able to keep up.

I love everything that involves art, cinema, painting, illustrating, collage making, fashion design, interior design, everything. My dream is to experience as many types of art as possible.

I am a movie enthusiast and love to spend my weekends binge watching, tv shows, movies and critique them in my own way. I like getting to know how different scenes are recorded and how actors can portrait specific characters.

I am currently studying to get my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. It’s been a long bumpy road, but working on something that I absolutely enjoy and adore has been a boost for my career development.

My time with PartnerHero has been a path of growth, from being a content editor to a web designer and finally becoming a lead. As an introvert, those things are not as easy as they seem, but with good effort and staying out of my comfort zone, I was able to achieve things I never imagined.

I have an amazing team that helps me stay up to date with everything going on in design and we have a lot of fun learning from each other.

I realize now my journey has been a hell of a ride.

And remember kids, stay out of your comfort zone!