Meet: Whitney Greer

Hi! My name is Whitney, you can call me Whit, but only if you are cool. I’m thirty five years old, and I’m a Team Lead here at PartnerHero.

I was born in California. I moved to Colorado when I was five, and there I fell in love with everything nature and outdoors.

I have lived in Boise for the past twenty one years. I spent roughly two years backpacking around the globe with my partner Karl. We ended up traveling to over four continents, thirty countries, and countless cities. This was one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve ever done.

I love spending time camping with my family and our dog Sophie. My passions are traveling, photography, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone whenever I can.

I would love to hike either the PCT, the AT, or the CDT in my life. These are 4-6 month long US-based treks that start at the US/Mexico border and go all the way to Canada. Hiking in the morning, yoga in the evening.

This past year, with all it’s ups and downs, I’ve learned to be a more empathetic and patient person with myself. Allowing emotions to come and go as freely as possible, I feel helps me better manage them. Why try and stop them, they’re a natural part of life?

My team’s partner is all about the positive vibes and elevating our team’s interaction with their customers.

I’ve been a “Team Player” ever since I was little and I’m here to support anyone who needs it, just reach out and I’m there!