Customer Service Outsourcing that aligns with your brand

PartnerHero matches exceptional individuals with companies to create customer experiences that feel in-house, not outsourced. Our teams are designed to help you scale without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

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Support Fundamentals

Quality & Efficiency

Building a phenomenal support team is about understanding what metrics matter most to your business then aligning your team, tools and workflows to meet those metrics and exceed customer expectations.


We find people who are passionate about your product and create an engaging place for them to work.


We take the time to learn what metrics matter most to your business and then align your team and workflows to meet KPIs.


We make sure your tools are set up to deliver maximum efficiency and stellar customer experience.

“PartnerHero is able to find very talented and motivated people. I’ve never come across a company that is able to do that and do it so quickly. The folks they hire in Honduras and Brazil are incredible. I don’t know how they find SO many SO quickly that are really talented and lovely people. That really care and are so compassionate. And that’s every person that they’ve hired. The talent acquisition is amazing.”

Dane Berry
Director of Customer Experience

"Before we brought on PartnerHero, our first response time was 12 hours. Now it's right around 2. We’ve turned chat on in more places. We have coverage on Saturday and Sunday now too - all without increasing our budget.”

Jamie Mendehlson
Director of Customer Education & Success

"Udemy students and instructors are in every corner of the world. As we continue to expand, we rely on PartnerHero to help scale high-quality customer support experiences. PartnerHero actively partners with us to meet aggressive international expansion goals while improving our operational efficiency."

Alex Mozes
Senior Director, Business Operations and Systems

Quality at Scale

Quality teams
across all channels

Our geographically diverse team members will sync with customers across platforms to ensure quick and smooth support.

Omnichannel Support

Our team members will meet your customers where they are - whether by phone,email, chat, video or social.

Curated For Quality

Support that feels like you. Associates seamlessly integrate into your workflows, tools and KPIs.

Any Team Size

From bootstrap through IPO, we build teams of all sizes starting with just two agents.


Customer Support is the foundational touchpoint for your customers. Building a team that you can rely on is the first step to creating exceptional customer experiences.

Teams that grow with you

Flex Support teams are for small companies that need wide coverage (across many days and hours) but don't have a huge amount of ticket volume.

  • Flexible solutions for part time, odd hours or infrequent coverage.
  • Rolling three month contracts guarantee you're never in a situation that's not working for you.
  • Email, live chat and social support options

Curated for you

Dedicated teams are fully operational teams of 2-25 associates dedicated to supporting your business. We work with you to find people who are passionate about your business and a good fit for your team.

  • 24/7 coverage available
  • Rolling three month contracts guarantee you're never in a situation that's not working for you.
  • Email, phone, chat, SMS and social options

Full stack support

Highly scalable teams with dedicated leadership, established SLAs, and limitless potential. Managed Operations are for large teams with lots of incoming volume.

  • Teams of 25+ associates dedicated to delighting your customers
  • For large teams with lots of incoming volume
  • We'll provide you with dedicated associates, dedicated trainers, QA programs and flex support when needed

How it works

Together, we determine the right size and structure for your team.

We collaborate on defining the best candidates.

In 2-4 weeks we assemble your dream team.

We work with you to make sure associates are trained and ready to provide great customer experiences.

Meet weekly or monthly with leadership for custom reports, customer insights and updates to training as needed

PartnerHero Guarantees

You will love the people we find for your team. We intentionally make it hard to get a job at PartnerHero as we only want to hire people who will be a great fit for our company and your brand. Once they join, they will stick around. Our retention rates are some of the highest in the industry, with just 1.2% monthly voluntary attrition. If an associate leaves your team less than six months after joining, we will hire and train their replacement for free.

After the initial onboarding and training phase, we work with you to set ambitious, attainable metrics for quality and efficiency with the option to add contractual guarantees after 4 months of sustained production.

PartnerHero’s inclusive, growth-oriented culture is what makes us special. We believe in the potential of each person and empower them to bring their authentic selves to work. We build programs with strong professional growth tracks so your top performers can support your business in new ways as your company evolves.

We take the name PartnerHero seriously and aim to act as true partners to each of our, well, partners. Our leadership team includes people with vast experience both at startups and in the BPO industry. With PartnerHero, you will have unparalleled access to leaders who are in tune with your operations and are available to meet at any time.

We work exclusively with innovative companies that care about culture and quality. We pay 10% above average in most job markets and offer progressive benefits (like coverage for same-sex partners) that are rare in our industry. You can be confident that the way we support your business is aligned with your values.


Customer Support

Customer Support is the face of your company and the main link between your customers and your product.

Every customer touch-point is important.

Having a high quality support team is the foundation for providing high quality customer experiences.

We support your industry

We're here for you, whether you are on Ecommerce, SaaS, EdTech, FinTech, Health & Wellness, or part of another industry, we can help you build a bespoke customer service team with an outsourced solution. Your customers are the center of the business, and it's paramount that they get quick, on-brand interactions from you and your team. Learn more about some of the industries we partner with.


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Learners and instructors: your EdTech company supports both types of customers. Being available when they need help is crucial. Learn more about how to outsource your support here.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness is a delicate industry, and customers expect unparalleled quality customer support. Learn how to build or scale a customer support team with outsourced operations and deliver top-notch customer experiences here.


SaaS businesses are highly scalable. Therefore it's imperative to have a scalable customer support team that can grow at the same pace as your company. Learn how to scale customer service for your SaaS business here.

Tech Companies

Tech is part of most of our daily life. These products need technical support, and it's common to find support engineers interacting with your customers. Scale your technical support team with an outsourced solution here.